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Virtual Reality – The futures NOW

Have a look for an 80’s movie touting virtual reality, and you will find at at the forefront of the fast action film that it’s set in what was a distant 2015. So how far are we from Virtual reality, the kind where we can step into a matrix like room and be unable to make the distinction between what is real and what is not? The thing is that there are many misconceptions based around the virtual reality technology. The belief that it can plunge you straight into a world that is exactly the same as your own, have near...


A new tear in the fabric of research – Black holes may not exist

(Black Hole – Cygnus X-1) A black hole something which has been at the forefront of scientific research for decades. Put simply, a black hole is a region of space that has the properties of casting no light and an insane gravitational pull that causes everything including light, to be sucked in. The problem with finding black holes purely through observation is a difficult one, they don’t cast any light due to the intense vacuum they create meaning nothing survives its destruction. Observation is done through specialist telescopic equipment with a very high magnification. One of the ways to determine...

Android cover

How many Android devices are out there? As of August 2014 = 18,796! What is going on with Smartphone vendors

You read it right, nearly 19,000 devices have been counted as of August this year! That’s up around 7,000 on the previous year. The below infographic show’s visually this astonishing number. The above graphic comes from OpenSignal What’s interesting to note here is the above graphic correlates to 43% share by Samsung! With this amount of devices out there you would begin to think there would be one device that would greatly shine over the rest. But in actual fact there isn’t. With the majority of the coverage being Samsung you can see where they have only ever really developed...

Family guy v the simpsons

Family Guy Vs The Simpsons

Finally Family Guy vs The Simpsons! This Episode will air in the US in September. The hour long crossover is to see the two rival families meet each Springfield. With Stewie and Brian meeting up with Bart he shadows him for the day and partakes in Barts antics (Pretty funny watching Stewie trying to skateboard!)


The weird and wonderful world of Japan, and a nursing home for your dog?!

Yes you read correctly and only in Japan would you find something like this. Japan renowned for it’s weird and wonderful approach to everything. No matter what the situation the Japanese seem to find a solution for things which might not actually need a solution. Lets take a look.   The Face bib Admit it you’ve always wanted to stay in your early infancy just so you can justify wearing a round bib which protects you from pesky splash back, right? The Pupeko cheek exerciser The novelty about this is you definitely wouldn’t use this in public. Aside from the...


Why you should be using Linux as a portable OS

First off what is Linux? Linux is an open source project that was started in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It’s functionality is similar to Windows in that it is a fully fledged computer operating system. One of the difference’s which I will try to cover further down is that Windows operates as a closed project (Around £50+) as opposed to Linux distributions being favourably Open source (Free in other words) Without you actually realizing, you may have already come into contact with a Linux operating system (OS) already. If you have an Android device this is in fact a Linux...


Why do we dream?

“Last night I was flying through the city of Los Angeles when I noticed I was naked” isn’t the most common of sentences to hear from a friend (Unless your friend is slightly mental in which case this may be a normal sentence to you) until they tell you they were dreaming and sometimes have an even more elaborate follow up of your own. Not everyone remembers there dreams and there have even been classical distinctions between the frequency of someone’s dreams and there IQ. But why do we dream? First let’s try and sum up what a dream actually...

Question graphene storing energy

Idea #1: The hybrid smartphone

I’m not certain whether there is development into this area or if there is an existing device out there capable of this, so I will go ahead and explain. Discussion: So in theory something would need to be used that can both conduct and insulate the energy collected, which brings me to graphene. I heard of this around a year and a half ago. For those people who haven’t heard of graphene, it is simply a one atom thick sheet of graphite, that has remarkable properties in terms of it’s conductivity for both heat and electricity. The purpose of this...


Update: Home truths – Kevin

  So from a previous post I wrote on January 6th 2014 named ‘Home truths’, which detailed my thought’s on a particular experience I had of coming across a homeless person sleeping rough on the way to work. It’s been two month’s since then and I have seen him quite a few times, often in varying places around the park. I would more often than not see him laid on a bench curled up. It started to become a lot more frequent to the point where if he wasn’t there I assumed there must be something wrong. So it’s February...